Best induction cooktop 2012

Customer Reviews
DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 8100MC

1. This Duxtop is my 2nd induction cooktop. The 1st one is working fine, but has only 1300W. I did enjoy the no flame heating of induction cooking, but the other big advantage of induction cooking device is the fast heating, which is missing with my 1300W cooktop. Now I have this more powerful duxtop cooker, I can tell you the cooking speed is really amazing. How fast is it? I did a test heating up the same amount of water using 1300w induction cooktop and my 1800w duxtop. It took the 1300w 6mins to boil the water, but it took duxtop only 2mins and 40secs to boil the same amount of water. That is over 100% percent saving of your precious time. If you are looking for a powerful and reliable induction cooktop or just want to see if induction cooking technology is something you may interested in, I will recommend this duxtop.(Best electric cooktop)

2. I have enjoyed the Duxtop Induction Cooktop. It has taken some getting used to, as I have been cooking on gas for quite a few years. I am amazed how fast it heats. It works great for boiling water and eggs, making hot tea, etc. It is easy to burn some foods until you know how fast it does heat. The issues I have with it can mostly be addressed with repeated use of it and gaining more experience. I can cook most anything that I cook with gas if I cut it down to a low setting but then I haven’t gained the benefit of its fast cooking time. It tends to have about an eight inch area in the very center of the cooktop that is where the induction concentrates its energy. I quite often cook with a ten inch cast iron fry pan and the two inch area nearest the side of the pan does not heat up like the center does. I bought this to see if I would consider someday replacing my gas range with an induction cooktop. I probably would not because I live in a remote area and quite often loose power in the winter. I can cook with gas without having electric power but I will keep the portable cooktop. It complements the gas range well for certain tasks but does not replace it. I’ve noticed that it operates on the same principle as the microwave oven. It cycles between full power and off for all cooking temperatures. When you select a low temperature, the heating cycle is real short followed by a long off cycle. This is evident when you are boiling water on power setting two or three. The water boils during the heating cycle and then immediately stops until the next heating cycle. Possibly the full size induction ranges have better control over the cooking temperature. If that is the case, maybe I need to talk to someone who has one as I may not be giving a fair appraisal to induction cooking based on the portable cooktop 2012.

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Best dog collars 2012

Customer Reviews
Kakadu Pet Park Avenue Leather Rhinestone Dog Collar

1. I will definitely recommend this collar as it was timely and look absolutely gorgeous on my Maltese Mix! This seller FIVE STARS for sure! I highly recommend you do not order from this seller under the REN BOUTIQUE. I ordered a pet collar that I did not receive. Only to be sent a replacement of the wrong size. To return it and be told I damaged it when I left the inner wrapping intact as well as sent in a padded envelope. Keep in mind this is a pet collar for a toy dog???!! And did I mention was charged a shipping fee of $4.50?!! Again, save your money…look elsewhere… Would rate zero if I could.

2. I got this collar for my new little mutt girl (adopt don’t shop!!) anyway, the collar is really pretty and the rhinestones on the buckle really make it pop and shimmer and the size is pretty good for a small dog. The negative is that the “crocodile look” is starting to peel off on the edges by the stitching. My dog is not rough on her collar and is an indoor sleep loving dog (and the collar is less than 2 months old) so for the peeling to already happen I find to be kind of crappy.

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Best motorcycle gloves 2012

Customer Reviews
Decade Motorsport Street Gloves (Black and Gray, Large/X-Large)

When looking at the pictures of these gloves, I assumed that they were hard-armored wherever the black parts are. When they arrived in the mail and the armor was actually leather, I felt a bit let down. However, there is still a bit of hard knuckle armor, and I feel like these would do a great job protecting my hands in a skid or crash.

Like others have mentioned, these have some good wrist protection –something you don’t find in gloves in this price range. The mesh around the glove seems breathable enough for summer riding, and yet they seem like they’d do a good job in colder weather as well. From what I’ve done so far with them, I’d consider riding with these into the 40s. For me, they are fine in warmer 80 degree weather.

As far as comfort goes, I haven’t really noticed the gel grips much. I think this is a good thing. The sewing around the glove is well-done. There aren’t any huge seams inside the glove to irritate your fingers or pry up your fingernails like other gloves I’ve used.

The combination of comfort, price, and perceived protection make these Best motorcycle gloves perfect for my needs. 5 of 5.

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Nitrile gloves 2012 reviews

Customer Reviews

I am very grateful to other reviewers for indicating that these gloves run small. I want to confirm this recommendation.

I have small hands and normally always wear small gloves. However this time I ordered medium and I was glad I did. I am attaching several photos to show how the glove fits my hand.

The Nitrile gloves is tight in the palm area (you can see the photo shows it stretched and taught). When I make a fist I feel resistance. The finger tips of this medium size glove are bit too long, the second picture shows me holding my hand in the glove against the box so you can see the extra material folding over at the tips. This is not too bad, and will not interfere with the kind of work I plan to use them for.

The glove material is thicker than the gloves I used before, which is good. I did not detect strong ordor either on the gloves or on my hands after I removed them. I was able to put the gloves on and off a few times for the photo, they became a little harder to put on with each use (less slippery). Even though these gloves are powder free there was something on the inside of the glove that made it easier to put on the first time.

Overall, I am pleased with the gloves 2012 and so glad there were reviews that helped me pick the right size!


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Can be a wonderful sealant or moisterizer

If you have super dry hair and need a sealant to lock in moisture, this is an awesome product to buy. It’s very thick and adds plenty of volume to your hair. I have naturally dry and thick, kinky hair, so I bought the product hoping it would add moisture to my hair. It acted more as a sealant on my hair though, and the extra volume I really didn’t need. I eventually gave it to a friend who has naturally dry but thin curly hair, and it works wonderfully as a moisturizer on her hair. So I would say if you like to experiment, buy the leave-in and see how it works on your hair with homemade shampoo 2012.

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Organix Anti-Breakage Serum

I have naturally frizzy – I mean curly hair. An amount of this Coconut Oil treatment the size of a quarter smooths and seals my hair without the greasy look that frizz-ease or other silicone treatments leave. It’s worth every penny to have frizz free curls this summer. I’ve used it as a “hot oil” type treatment, it’s ok for that, but as a leave in it yields great results! Hair breakage 2012

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Great hair straightener

After using a high priced hair straightener for years, I was in the market for a new one. I decided to go with the HSI, mostly because of the price. I am happy that I did! This hair straightener is great! It heats up super fast, holds the heat well and is just large enough to work quickly through my hair. I have mid-back length hair and it has a lot of wave. I find that the HSI straightens very well, and stays straight! The oil is really nice, I may need to invest in a larger size. You can’t go wrong with this hair straightener.

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